Lock for react native


I’m have refereed Auth0 React Native SDK Quickstarts: Login for Auth0 to implement in react native app. But the Auth0 screen opens up in browser window instead I want the screen to open in my app itself rather then browser.
Can any one please suggest me how it can be achieved as the only repo GitHub - auth0/react-native-lock: [DEPRECATED] A wrapper of Lock to use with React Native (iOS & Android) is also deprecated now.
Any other option ?

Hey @eluminous_se31 !

That’s correct. Basically, all our quickstarts, when it comes to login widget, no matter for which platform are implemented the way that when the login flow is initiated, the user is redirected to the browser view. Purely due to security reasons.

Here you can find a new up to date repo for React Native toolkit for Auth0 API: GitHub - auth0/react-native-auth0: React Native toolkit for Auth0 API

Hope that helps!

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