Passwordless Auth0 React Native login

For the life of me, I can’t get React Native to use Passwordless login. All it ever does is go to the email login. I’m using the sample app, below:

onLogin = () => {
                scope: 'openid profile email',
                audience: 'https://' + credentials.domain + '/userinfo',
            .then(credentials => {
                Alert.alert('Success', 'AccessToken: ' + credentials.accessToken, { text: 'OK', onPress: () => console.log('OK Pressed') }], {
                    cancelable: false,
                this.setState({ accessToken: credentials.accessToken });
            .catch(error => console.log(error));

and I’ve got a NATIVE client with all connections turned off except SMS (Twilio) and I have the default Lock (Passwordless) Hosted Page setup.

Anyone know what could be wrong?

Edit: Got this solved by changing the hosted page to use “lock.sms”. How would I make this not use the (pretty ugly) web login page?

I think this helped:

Got it working by changing to lock.sms on the custom login page.

Great that you figured it out!

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