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Passwordless login in React-Native using WebAuth



I am using the react-native-auth0.js library in my react-native app. I would like to offer Social and Passwordless (email and sms) on the same screen using webAuth. This library has the authorize function that works great with social but I do not see passwordStart and passwordVerify function similar to those available in the web sdk (auth0.min.js).

How can I implement passwordless auth in an react-native app without using Lock?


Looking at the react-native-auth0 library the authorize function simply redirects to your hosted login page. By default the hosted login page uses regular Lock to enable authentication for username/password credentials and/or social authentication.

You can continue to use the authorize function if you’re in the slightly different situation where you want to provide passwordless and social authentication. You just need to customize the hosted login page to enable this scenario. If you go to your Dashboard and then access the hosted pages menu you should be able to customize the hosted login page and then choose the Lock Passwordless template from the available default templates. This should allow you to meet your requirements while still leveraging webAuth.authorize; check the Lock Passwordless repository for examples on how to have passwordless and social displayed at the same time.


@jmangelo Great … thank you for your reply. I was able to use customize the hosted login page and provide links for both social and passwordless on the same page. On a related topic … the trouble I am having now is logging out completely. Could you please take a look at for my question on the next logical step … that of logging out?