Question about prompt=consent and others

Hi Everyone!

Recently I’ve been trying to integrate a Facebook social connection with my react native app in expo. So far I’ve connected successfully with Google, however when trying to connect with the /authorize endpoint using a facebook connection (after having it correctly setup in my Auth0 app and in Facebook) it will successfully return a code like this: "nl3nNX7c0kql0Kjn#_=_" which when used in the token endpoint /oath/token will fail with an invalid authorization code error.

After some experiments I’ve found out that setting the prompt option in the /authorize callback to consent will successfully generate a valid code for obtaining a token. I’ve also found out that the codes that fail ALWAYS have this string _=_ at the end of the code (maybe an indicator of incomplete info, I don’t know).

So far this seems to work fine as I can successfully obtain a token and login, however when using the option prompt=consent, as specified in this page:
Will also cause the Auth0 consent pop up to appear, even if my app is a first-party verified app and has no callback url with localhost or in it. What I want to do is to ask for consent in the social connection (Facebook, Google, etc.) but not in the Auth0 app. Alternatively if I could find a way to not use prompt=consent and still receive a valid code I wouldn’t have this problem either.

Please If anyone knows how to do either of those things I’d very much appreciate it!.

Thanks in Advance!

Also, I’ve already set in the API app to skip consent for first party apps. And I’ve verified that my app is indeed first party by doing a get clients call to the API and checking the is_first_party property. (which is true)

Were you able to skip this second auth authorize pop up?