How to force `prompt: "consent"` only to the google authentication?

We are able to get the refresh_token successfully by using prompt: "consent" in the auth.params. As shown below:

	allowAutocomplete: true
	allowedConnections: ["google-oauth2"]

         	access_type: "offline"
	        connectionScopes: {google-oauth2: ...}
         	params: {
	         	access_type: "offline", 
		        state: "shgs84s90kksa_kdd2kdnisdgigg3ng", 
         		prompt: "consent", 
	        	scope: "openid profile email"
	responseType: "token id_token"
	autoclose: true
	autofocus: false
	passwordlessMethod: "link"

The problem is, we are getting an additional pop-up from Auth0.


Essentially, we need to set prompt: none for Auth0 and prompt: consent for Google authentication.
Any ideas on how we can accomplish this? Thanks!

Hi @dynosapp,

Are you developing on localhost? Otherwise you shouldn’t see this box unless you are a third party app:

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Thank you! Yes, we do have localhost references in the allowed callback urls for this tenant.

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Glad that solved it. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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