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Consent screen showing up, despite Allow Skipping User Consent



I’ve read through the docs and can’t find why I’m getting the consent screen in the following scenario:
I’m developing a mobile app using expo and using a browser to authenticate the user.
I open the browser pointing to {AUTH0_DOMAIN}/authorize and pass everything required by the code (pcky) grant flow + scope=offline_access and audience= as that’s the api I want to authorize.

The API has Allow Skipping User Consent turned on, and the app has a redirect uri exp://,
for what I understand, I shoulnd’t see the consent screen, but when I try to log in, I see it. Is there some bug or am I missing something?


The consent screen will always show up for localhost and There’s no way to disable the screen for those particular URLs, as localhost isn’t a verifiable first party and only first party applications can skip consent.


Cześć Jędrzej!

@thijmen96 is right. It’s always like that in terms of localhost and because of first-party restrictions.

Hope it helps!


Hi/Cześć :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks for the fast reply! I’ve found out myself, that if I used expo’s AuthSession (which proxies the redirection through their server) it would work great.

I got confused because I first went through that flow, then refactored my app (because I don’t want that proxying) and it continued to work (without prompting me) up until I revoked the user’s accesses (for debugging).


Great that you’ve figured it out!


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