Provider Exception: Failed to generate key pair

Hi there,

I’m facing the following issue when trying to integrate the Auth0 SDK in the Android app I’m currently working on - whenever I try to save credentials through SecureCredentialsManager - saveCredentials(Credentials) I get to following exception (Please, have a look at the attached image below)

Running on:
Device - iVoomi Me
Android version - 7.0
Kernel version - 3.10.65 hxruser1 @sw03 #1
Auth0 SDK version - 1.15.1

It’s 100% reproducible on this device. When running the same build on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Android 7.0 everything seem alright.

Do you have any thoughts on how to fix the issue?

Thank you in advance!

Hey there!

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Wanted to reach out to know if you still require further assistance?