Provide straightforward way to import users with social connections

We want to import users from Firebase to Auth0. However, some of our users have Google as the sign-in method. There is no way to import that to Auth0. As a workaround, people have suggested importing all users with random passwords and then, when a user sign-in with Google through Auth0 for the first time, linking the new google-oauth2 Auth0 account with the previously imported one.

The problem is that Auth0 Actions don’t support account linking. So after we’ve linked the users and deleted the current user account that initiated the authentication request, there is no way to assign the new user object to the request.

The alternative is to use rules, but they are generally discouraged and may soon become deprecated.

To summarize, the feature request is the following: either allow importing social connections or allow linking Auth0 accounts in Actions.

Hey there!

Thanks for creating this feedback card and make sure to upvote it! Keeping my fingers crossed that it’s gonna attract as many votes as possible

I voted because I want the same feature.

My customer has a huge number of users with LINE login integration.
I want to move to Auth0, but I do not want their users to go through the hassle of linking again, if possible.

I strongly hope that more votes will be cast for this feedback.

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Thank you for adding your context @tmd45 !

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