Importing Users with Social Sign In

We’ve got a set of users in an proprietary user database that we’d like to import into auth0. We’ve already figured out how to import users along with their passwords by specifying the password algorithm. But some of our users currently sign in via facebook/twitter/google/etc. How should we go about getting those users into auth0? From what I understand, it isn’t possible to import social sign in settings.

Our current idea is to import all the users specifying their underlying email address and giving each user a randomly generated password. When a user then tries to sign in via facebook, it would be a brand new social sign in. We would then need to go link that new social sign in to the imported user with the randomly generated password.

Does anyone have any better/cleaner solutions?

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The solution you have outlined is pretty much the only solution, I believe. When using a social or enterprise connection you are delegating user account management to that 3rd party.

If there is data in your legacy DB that you want to leverage, you could use a Rule to pull the data from the legacy DB and save it to the user’s metadata.


Thanks for sharing that knowledge Mark!

Thank you! We were hoping there was something we may have missed in the documentation that might have made things easier. But I’m glad I was able to ask the community after going through hours of docs, blogs, and api specs.


We’re here for you @dconard!

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