Allow social identities to be imported

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Allow social identities to be imported.

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When performing a bulk user import, it should be possible to import social identities along with the user. For example, the import might look like this:

    "email": "",
    "password_hash": "...",
    "identities": [
            "provider": "google-oauth2",
            "user_id": "109033******713739497",

This would also create a database connection for the user, or you could be required to include that under identities.

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We have an existing user database that includes social login data (the provider UID). If we’re not able to import that data, then many users would not be able to sign into their existing account via the social provider (Google in this case).

With the Account Linking extension, they might be asked to link to the database account (again), but only if their email address was the same (otherwise a new user account would be created, which is bad). This is a very poor UX.

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