User Import Extension: Import social connections

I’m trying to use the User Import Extension. My migration to auth0 already has some users that have existing social connections, so I would like to bring them over. Docs suggest this is possible, but its not happening.

JSON looks like this (user IDs altered for this example)


References were:

Any idea why these aren’t coming across?


So is this pretty much how support goes around here? I see a lot of old unanswered questions and its kind of concerning. Making me rethink my subscription before I finish this implementation.

Hi @rev23dev,

According to the User Profile Structure doc you linked to, the identities array cannot be imported:

Ughh… missed the import column there.

Not being able to import this though is a major bummer if you’re trying to migrate from ASP.NET Core Identity where you can have a social only log on.