Production Tenant is it free or part of trail

Hi I set up a development tenant and all works great.
I created a production tenant, but am not sure if its the same rules as in 7000 free users etc

I also noticed that the facebook social login was also not available to me? (I did change the location to Europe maybe this effected this issue)

Is there a difference in the production tenant?

Hi @matt.barnden

Thanks for contacting Auth0 community :+1:

The main difference between development and production tenants is that production will come with more generous rate limits on endpoints

In terms of features available it will depend on the subscription level on the tenant in question, you can check these here on our pricing page and click the “Compare Plans” button to see which features apply.

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Many thanks, I realised I had a little bit more set up work to do to get the extra Facebook social login function to be available for my client, so all good.


Ok great stuff @matt.barnden

Let us know if we can help further.

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