For some reason, some paid features are available on the Free plan

I am using a free plan, but for some reason I am able to use a production tenant. Normally, production tenants are only available on paid plans, correct?
Also, you can add more than 4 tenant members. (The only role that can be specified is administrator).
What is going on?

By the way, I used to be a startup plan.

Hi @palachan,

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I believe that you are referring to the tenant’s environment tag.

For clarification, all tenants can assign their own environment tags to any of the 3 available environment tags: Production, Staging, and Development.

This means you should be able to set your environment tag to Production regardless of whether you have a paid or free subscription plan. When tenants are set to a Production environment tag, they are subjected to Production rate limits.

Could you confirm if you see the same options when adding a tenant member as the screenshot below?


Thank you for your response.
I understand about the tenant specifications.

About adding members, I don’t understand why I can add more than 4 members even though it is a free plan.
The free plan is limited to a maximum of 3 members, right?
(I understand that the role can only be selected by the administrator.)

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Hi @palachan,

Thanks for the reply.

There should be no limit to the number of tenant members you can invite, regardless of your subscription plan.

If you’ve come across this information somewhere, could you please share it, as I haven’t been able to find any documentation referring to this.


I mistakenly thought that I could only invite up to 3 people because it said 3 in the free plan below.

“Platform” > “Number of admins/contributors”

What does this mean?

Also, there is a difference between the pricing plan “*/*/tenant/billing/subscription” in the manage console and the HP pricing plan “Pricing - Auth0”,
Which will apply in the future?

Hi @palachan,

Thank you for your responses.

You’re right. The pricing page mentions a 3-tenant member limit for the free subscription plan, but there isn’t a hard limit enforced. This is better explained in this thread:

As for the difference in the pricing plan, I do see this discrepancy. In the future, you will see the pricing plan displayed on the pricing page applied to the Dashboard manage console.

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Thank you very much.

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