Problems re-enabling Google social sign-in: redirect_uri mismatch


I had Google social sign-in working fine until I tried passwordless SMS, disabled Google social sign-in, and cannot re-enable it successfully.

Current behavior:


On clicking to login, I get this screen:

Going to Google Console, the authorised redirect URIs are:


The “client-plans” URI is the one we are looking at. The form of the callback URI is the same as the Rails sample app on Auth0 site.

If I look at the app settings on Auth0, it is:


Which seems to properly list the “client-plans” URI.

I cannot see where the redirect URI listed in the Google OAuth error message:

The redirect URI in the request,, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client.

Has been set in my account.

The Google social provider settings have also been set for this application:

As mentioned: this was all working as expected until I disabled Google social login, enabled passwordless SMS, and then tried to re-enable Google social login

Is the application settings stuck in some kind of dev mode?


It is possible but not 100% sure. Can you post a HAR file of your login attempt that fails? Also have you tried this in a fresh browsers or maybe incongnito/private window?

Hi @ashish,

Thanks for your prompt response.

Please see attached HAR file of failed login attempt (245.5 KB)

I’ve tried this unsuccessfully on different browsers and also incognito/private window. The HAR file records an incognito session.

As mentioned, I didn’t have this problem previously, following instructions for Rails and OAuth2.

Much thanks :slight_smile: