Pro MFA has exceeded your plan limit for this month

**Pro MFA** has **exceeded your plan limit** for this month.
This started appearing out of the blue.
This must have been a change recently.

According to that thread, it’s supposed to show after the trial period.
I created my account november 2020, so unless the trial period is about 11 months, something has had to change.

What bothers me is that none of my “user accounts” has TOTP/Google authenticator, the ONLY account that has TOTP is my ADMIN account.

I understand that there’s no free lunch, but come on, at least let us free users protect the ADMIN account with all available MFA solutions…

Hey there!

Can you send me a DM here in community with your email so I can perform some checks? Thank you!

Ping ping friendly ping :slight_smile:

Closing this one as I haven’t received enough information.