What does "Pro MFA has exceeded your plan limit for this month." mean exactly

On our dashboard account we get this warning:

What does this mean? In Auth0-novice words?

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Hey there!

Let me confirm that for you and get back to you shortly!

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It seems that you’re not the only person who wants to know what this is about. We’re waiting for the explanation from appropriate engineering team.


I’ve had that too when I logged in this morning, although it doesn’t look like we’ve exceeded our usage from the detailed reports.

One of our customers have opened a support ticket for that and appropriate team is investigating that. I’ll let you know as soon as they share something with us. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

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Is there any update about this thread?

I’m repinging the responsible engineering team about that. Will get back to you with an update shortly.

Depending if you are on a paid tier or not it’s pretty much about the following thing.

Pro MFA stands for either Google MFA or Duo MFA. Pretty much as you have such warning you are over the limit for that entitlement.

If you setup MFA during trial period (when you had access to all features even the enterprise ones - Pro MFA) then you lost the access to it once the trial finished hence the warning in the dashboard.

I got an additional update on this one. This notification is basically a prompt to upgrade your plan (see PRO MFA here: https://auth0.com/pricing/). I submitted an internal ticket to adjust the verbiage a bit as it can be misleading.