Price about saml AddOn


I have one application with some settings like:
Allowed Callback URLs
Allowed Logout URLs

And one Addon enable: SAML2 Web App, wich is configured to connect to Tableau Online service (

So, the question is… Do I have to pay something with this configuration? Can I use free plan?

Hey there!

One part of the question is what part of the stack you use and the other one how many tokens you issue (how many people use your service to authenticate). If you use the part of the stack that is under free tier and do not go beyond the tokens issued limits described in our pricing you can stay on free tier as long as you wish

Thanks for your response, only to be sure…

Saml2 Web app, is part of the bundle of enterprise addons?, does it have a cost?, I mean… This addon (SAML2 Web App) is included in free plan? or which plan I have to acquire to use it?

Does free plan (free stack) generates token for this addon (SAML2 Web App)?

Yes, the SAML add-on you’re using now works for the free tier too.

To give the full and complete answer: using Auth0 as a SAML Identity Provider (IdP) is what you’re doing now and is possible under the free tier. If you want to use Auth0 as a SAML Service Provider (SP), you’d set up a SAML enterprise connection in your dashboard, which is only possible under the Developer Pro plan and up*.

*dear future readers: check the pricing page, because tiers might change from time to time


To quickly add to that: if you’re ever unsure if you’re going over limits, you can check your usage in the Support Center:

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Thanks @thijmen96 for sharing that knowledge!