Enterprise connection setup


We are looking into purchasing the Essential plan in order to gain access to enterprise connections. We are probably going to need some technical help.

Currently, our web app uses Auth0 for managing our user identities and login flows. It is just a react app which redirects to the auth0 login page. We manage users in our auth0 dashboard.

We want to continue using it this way, except now we want to treat just 1 user differently.

We have a user who is required to do authN/authZ in their own Okta Workforce or SAML IDP (I am not sure which one yet) before they login to our app.

We want this 1 user to now be redirected to their enterprise’s identity management system and then back to our system once authorization is passed.

  1. How do we set this up in auth0? For example for the SAML enterprise connection, I am assuming we need to get the sign in url for the customer’s SAML login endpoint?

  2. How does our app work after this setup for all customers? So customer A wants to login though their own SAML IDP which this enterprise connection should take care of, but how does customer B still continue to use our Auth0/normal login flow?