Possible to have "New Universal Login" features without using liquid layout widgets?

Some Context
We are taking over a project from another team, we noticed that they selected “New Login Experience” in the settings tab, but also have the “Customize Login Page” toggle enabled.

The page templates that are being used don’t seem to be using Liquid templates and widgets.
Here’s how they look like:

It is my understanding that the previous team decided to go this route because they needed to use javascript in order to pass some metadata for Custom Actions, which is not supported using Liquid and widgets.

The Question
What we are trying to confirm is that if by going this route, that means essentially bailing out of the features supported by the new login experience that are listed here in left column here:

If anyone can confirm that that is the case, that would be super helpful, thanks.

Hi @arau.jay ,

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I noticed that an engineer from your organization opened a support ticket for the same issue. Our Support DSE is working on it. Once the ticket is solved, I will post the solution on this topic so other community members with the same query can refer to it.