Customization of New universal login page


I am exploring customization of ‘New universal login’ page and seems it does not allow full customization neither from ‘No code’ front end nor from ‘Liquid’ html template. When it come to ‘No code customization’ then there are only limited properties are available and when it come to liquid html template then there is also it supports limited css customization.

Limitation -

  1. ‘font family’ option not available on ‘No code’ tool.
  2. Gradient color can not be applied with ‘No code’ tool.
  3. There is no option to customize/change css of Auth:widget through html template. Only, logo can be changed.

Can someone pls guide if anyone customized it fully?

HI @Jaydeeps03

See here: Customize New Universal Login Pages

You can fully customize the template portion of the page, and there is limited customization you can do to the widget.


Sorry, that link didn’t highlight the fact that it takes you directly to the CSS limitations when customizing.

@john.gateley : Thanks for letting me know that there is limited customization we can do to the widget.
Is there any future plan to provide support to customize widget as well?