Possible to Disable CAPTCHA for Certain Users

We recently started to use the Simple CAPTCHA on our Universal Login. For the most part only a small number of users see it and those users are generally OK with the CAPTCHA. We do have a number of older individual mainly that struggle to enter the CAPTCHA correctly when presented.

Is it possible to make users trusted so that they don’t have to enter the CAPTCHA at all? If anybody else has any suggestions I’m all for it as well. Thank you.

Hi @matthew.peresie,

That is a valid concern for the experience of your users. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to disable captcha for individual users or specific IPs. You can change the captcha settings to only prompt in scenarios that are deemed ‘risky’, or you might find Google’s ReCaptcha is more user friendly.

You can create a feature request for this here. I would image this would have to be an IP-based whitelist, as the captcha occurs before the user is authenticated.

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