Add Admin UI to unblock users/IPs that are blocked by bot-detection

Provide an UI to unblock users/IPs that are blocked by bot-detection

Currently it is impossible to manage users/IPs blocked via bot-detection, if the user does not solve a captcha, the ONLY way to unblock is to turn off bot-detection all together.

The bot-detection feature feels way too aggressive as user gets blocked while trying to login with incorrect account only 2~3 times, this is common especially on mobile apps due to typing inaccuracy. While Captcha can solve it, it is purely passive & not manageable at all from an admin perspective.

Thanks for creating this feedback request. Let’s see how many people from community are interested in such addition as well!

This has become a pretty big issue for us. Our users are being flagged all the time and require entering a Captcha, but we have ZERO visibility into how/when this occurs.

Worst of all, our mobile app (react-native) doesn’t actually support the captcha, so users just straight up get locked out. We’re then forced to globally disable the bot, get the user to login again and enable the bot again. Which kind of defeats the purpose of it and obviously don’t scale.

I’m surprised other people aren’t seeing this more?