Disable bot detection in test environments

We seemed to have hit a stone wall; our Ci tests in Github are greeted with Captcha challenge and we cannot figure out to by bypass/disable this.

  1. we are using github runners so we don’t have static IPs that we can whitelist in Auth0
  2. we don’t want to permanently disable bot detection
  3. there seems to be no API that we can use to enable/disable bot detection programmatically

So it seems the only viable solution is ditch github runners and user “hosted runners” so we can assign them IPs and hen whitelist these IPs. This something we would like to avoid if possible.

Any thoughts?

Hey there!

Unfortunately we don’t offer any specific guidance on bot detection when it comes to testing. Let me follow up with the engineering team to see if there is a way to handle that

Thank you. The easiest solution for us would have been to update the IP whitelist in Auth0, run tests and remove the IP. However, we could not find appropriate API and looks like that whitelisting is only via Dashboard

Unfortunately that is only doable through the dashboard as you mentioned. You can always advocate for that to be doable programatically by creating a feedback card here:

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