Captcha only for signups with Universal Login experience!


We are using Universal Login experience. (we want to avoid to use custom experience)
We would like to FORCE captcha for SignUp and limit or even not have it for Log in.
Is it a way to do so ?
In setup with standard captcha I can setup to never be in Login => but then when I try I don’t have it in Signup too … where I would like to have it all the time.

I found this but it was for custom log in experience. So I don’t know if we could manage to make it for Universal sign/login experience.

I found this, but for custom sign/Login experience !

Thanks for your help !

Hi @fabien1

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Thank you for posting your question; unfortunately, without a customized login page, it is not possible within the New Universal Login experience to force a captcha for signups and not have it for login. But I encourage you to create a topic in the product feedback category → Feedback - Auth0 Community and vote on it so we can take a look at it and possibly implement this feature in the future.


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