Bot Protection with ReCaptcha in custom login page

I would like to use the Bot Protection feature, with Google ReCaptcha providing the captcha instead of Auth0’s builtin SVG captcha. I am using a custom login page, not the Classic nor Universal login.

Is this possible?

I would think that a custom login page could supply the recaptcha token required to prove the client is human, as long as the custom login page and the Auth0 tenant are configured to use the same recaptcha site key. But I can’t find any confirmation of this in the docs.

Hey @mamacdon, Welcome to the Auth0 Community!
Bot detection feature , currently does not support Custom Login forms.

If you would like to advocate for this feature, we highly encourage you to file a feature request using our product feedback form here:

just put in a feature request. How many of your users don’t use custom login? This is a really important feature but it will only be useful for us if you can provide to custom logins

I also put in a feature request. Having a custom login/signup is very important for our brand, but so is security for ourselves and users. We would really like to be able to use this feature!