Invisible google Recaptcha v2/v3 for Custom Login page


I would like to use invisible google Recaptcha for custom login page.

Now we’re using Google ReCaptcha v2 and it was configured as per this guide.

Could you please tell how to integrate Google ReCaptcha v3 Enterprise on custom login page?

In google manual for captcha v3 it’s stated that after a user interaction (in our case it’s click on login form submit button) post request with token (the output of grecaptcha.enterprise.execute() function) should be sent. And in response score value will be returned. Should we follow these steps and analyse security score on our side or since we’re defining captcha version in Auth0, the score will be handled on auth0 side?

If it will be handled on auth0 side, please specify in what way a user with high security score will be treated (will such user be redirected to MFA page or they’ll have to pass additional email verification).

Also please tell what captcha type is better for usage - captcha v3 or captcha v2 invisible? Do you support both? I’m asking this, because here it’s stated that ‘Use checkbox challenge’ option should be chosen, no info regarding score-based captcha.

Thanks in advance.

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I found that documentation on bot detection in custom login is almost none - let alone on using a non auth0 captcha