Google reCaptcha V2 Dark Theme

Problem statement

We use the Classic Universal Login with Auth0.js and want to render a Google reCaptcha V2 with a dark theme.


This is not possible yet as the only options we accept are lang and template:


Workaround 1: Clone Auth0.js code, update and host it yourself:

Workaround 2 (hacky): Update the Login template.

<div class="captcha-container form-group" style="display:none"></div>
<div class="captcha-container2 form-group"></div>
<script src=""></script>;
<script src=""></script>;
var captcha = webAuth.renderCaptcha(
var captchaResponse;
    var verifyCallback = function(response) {
    captchaResponse = response;
var captcha = grecaptcha.render(document.querySelector('.captcha-container2'), {
    'sitekey' : '<site key that matches key in the Bot Protection Config>',
    'callback': verifyCallback,
    'theme' : 'dark'
     realm: databaseConnection,
     username: username,
     password: password,
     captcha: captchaResponse