Platform infrastructure upgrade for public cloud tenants

Problem statement

Need additional information about the scheduled updates to the platform infrastructure used for public cloud tenants. In particular, doubts and questions about the status page maintenance windows and associated notifications. Further, indicate if the date that was notified can be changed and any possible constraints to the tenants during the maintenance window.


  • I am looking at your Status Page and there’s a maintenance listed. However, I have not received a notification about it in my email inbox. Could you please clarify?

Maintenances happen throughout an extended period of time. Notifications are scoped to particular customer groups, which can more accurately define the maintenance period for them within the entire window. We recommend that you use our Status Page as a reference, and look to the particular notification you are going to receive for more dedicated updates.

  • I received your notification regarding upcoming maintenance, can I request a different date for the maintenance to happen on my tenant?

As this is a non-disruptive change, we are not offering individual scheduling for tenants. We have just one alternate scheduling option on [date]. If you wish to be added to that upgrade group please open a support ticket and we will route your request through that ticket.

  • Your notification states that maintenance will be starting on [date], how can I monitor whether the maintenance is still happening or is complete?

The best way to track an ongoing maintenance is through our Status Page, located at This will contain all the necessary information for you to understand any updates regarding the maintenance, including any potential changes in timelines, issues that may arise during the maintenance, and the start and end date and time.

  • How can I learn more about your improved infrastructure?

Auth0 is leveraging a converged architecture for both Public and Private Cloud offerings. The following blogs on Private cloud platform provide insights on this converged architecture; and a Public Cloud blog will be made available soon. For further questions please feel free to reach out through the community and support channels.

  • Will I need to avoid making changes to my tenant settings or application configurations during the maintenance window?

No, you can continue to use Auth0 regularly. If you encounter any issues, feel free to reach out to us through our Support Center.

  • If something goes wrong during maintenance, what kind of response or information should I expect from you?

All updates will be provided through our Status Page. We recommend subscribing to the RSS feed to get constant updates throughout any maintenance windows, and any incidents that may arise, either related or unrelated to this maintenance. As a reminder, we do not expect to generate any impact throughout this migration.