phoneNumber Validation Error with standard SMS MFA Classic Universal Login


I am customizing our universal login experience at the moment but I recieve a validation error when I attempt to enroll a phone number into the SMS option we have enabled.

I built my own off of this base, but just to be sure I didn’t mess anything up, I switched my MFA template to use just the raw code from auth0 example page:

The phone number validation seems to not be passing the regex validation and I am not exactly sure how or why.

This is the payload being sent:

Hoping someone could shed some light on this for me.

Accidentally hit send before finishing my post. This is the payload being sent to the sms-enroll endpoint:

{phone_number: '1234567890'}

Here is a test link to our app if you wanted to sign up to hit the MFA page:

The example uses guardian-js.js 1.3.0 but I still get the same error with 1.3.3.

Solved my own question by just looking at the payload that comes from the default MFA widget.

Payload needs to include the country code it looks like.

{phone_number: '+1 1234567890'}

But obviously with a valid phone number. :slight_smile:

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