Format masked characters in phone number

Hi, I have customized my MFA login page and by following MFA theme language I have also customized the success message in case of sms sent like following:

successMessages: {
 smsSent: 'Enter the 6-digit verification code sent to {phoneNumber} as a text message.'

My concern is that it is displaying the masked phone number as XXXXXXXXX4049 along with the country code. Is there any way to limit it to 10 digits like XXXXXX4049 ,i.e., removing 3 masked characters?



Hi @gagan.yadav,

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It doesn’t appear possible. I tried a few things, like using a template literal to manipulate it, i.e.

successMessages: {
  smsSent: `TEST: ${'{phoneNumber}'.substring(3)}`

Sadly, it appears this happens before the phone number is substituted.

Thanks @dan.woda. I really appreciate the response.

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