Passwordless Implementation Details

I had a question about passwordless.

Does Auth0 do anything like save cookie on the user’s browser?
During testing I forwarded my passwordless link to a colleague and when they clicked on it they got an error saying that the code was not recognized.

This is not an issue, I just wanted to know if that is the case and if there is any additional documentation around some of the implementation details around the passwordless flow.


Hi @Gratus-BenchSci,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

Yes, Auth0 saves the cookies on the user’s browser. On your Auth0 Dashboard, there should be a Login Session Management setting to adjust your session settings.

Have you taken a look at our Passwordless documentation? It goes into more details about the Passwordless implementation.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you.

I think your answer is not quite related to what I was curious about.

I understand persistant sessions as they relate to the universal login flow. A user with a cookie, doesn’t need to re-enter their password.

What I am asking for is different (at least as far as I can tell):

For example:

  • User A arrives at our Login page (universal login, with custom html).
  • They enter their email, and an email is sent to them
  • Instead of opening the e-mail and clicking on the link,
  • User A forwards the email with the link to User B who does not have access to the computer that User A is using.
    Can User B access the application using the link that was shared with them?

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