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Passwordless login previous user email persists



I’ve come across an issue where after using auth0.parseHash on passwordless login email link I am seeing the email address of the previously logged in user in The only way I can get around this is by “clearing cookies and other site data” in Chrome. Is there a Lock or Auth0.js method I should be calling to do this on logout? (I’ve tried Lock’s logout, but no luck). Otherwise can you tell me what I need to be removing so I can handle this myself?


Hi @jsleeuw

There is a logout() method in the Auth0.js library which calls the /v2/logout authentication endpoint in Auth0, give that a try and see if it resolves your issue.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @charsleysa, that did the trick


Thanks a lot @charsleysa for sharing knowledge and glad you made it work @jsleeuw!


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