Passwordless flow with New Universal Login

I’ve previously used Lock successfully for passwordless authentication using email.

I would like to replace my Lock implementation with New Universal Login.

The issue I have is as follows:

  1. User clicks Login button from my app and is successfully presented with my universal login dialogue box with email address prompt (correct and working as expected)

  1. User enters email address and clicks Continue. My expected behavious is that:
    (a) user receives email with passcode
    (b) user is presented with universal login “enter passcode” screen
    (c) user enters password and successfully logs in to my app

The actual behaviour in Step 2 is that the user is presented with a universal login username and password dialogue box, and not a passwordless code dialogue box.

Is there a way to force all logins to use passwordless, or can you advise on what is incorrect in the flow? When I use Lock instead of Universal Login passwordless works as expected. Thanks

Hi @Muttley ,

Yes this should be possible now with New Universal Login, please ensure you have followed all the steps for configuration shown here Passwordless with New Universal Login.

Double check that you have updated the application to specify the connection to use.

Kind Regards,

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