Passwordless Emails Not Being Sent with SMTP Provider Configured


Users encounter issues where passwordless emails are not sent after configuring a custom SMTP provider.

Symptoms include

  • Absence of passwordless authentication email in user’s inboxes
  • Lack of records for passwordless email attempts in the custom email provider’s logs
  • An error similar to the following appears in the Auth0 logs with SendGrid configured as a custom email provider: Error sending email: The from address does not match a verified Sender Identity. Mail cannot be sent until this error is resolved


The issue arises from a mismatch between the “From” email address in the passwordless connection settings and the email address designated in the branding email settings for the custom email provider. Auth0 relies on this alignment to successfully send out passwordless emails.


To resolve this issue:

  • Align “From” Email Address in Passwordless connection Settings: Go to Dashboard > Authentication > Passwordless,
  • Enable the Email toggle.
  • Ensure the “From” email address in the Passwordless Email settings matches the one configured for the custom email provider.

Completing these steps will align the necessary settings to facilitate the successful sending of passwordless emails through Auth0 with a custom email provider.