Password Reset success button customization

In this topic, @dan.woda mentioned that it’s possible to customize the text on the button that reads “Back to All Applications”.

I have two tenants - a production tenant and a dev tenant. The button text after a successful password reset for my production tenant does say “Back to All Applications”. But for my dev tenant, the button does not appear at all.

From the help topic, it wasn’t clear to me how to do the customization. I see two properties - clientName (which is used in the template Back to <%= "${clientName}" %>), and buttonText, which presumably can override that text to anything. But how do I set those properties?

I read in another place that these can be passed as URL parameters. I tried to add them to the password reset link after the # hash, e.g. buttonText=foo, but that didn’t seem to do anything.

Is there a doc page I missed for how to override these properties?

Many thanks!