Customize message for navigation button on password reset page

Hello, I use universal login.

After successfully resetting a password using password reset page, the button shows up to navigate to the URL set in the “Application Login URI” field of the application settings. The button says “Back to [Application Name]”.

Is it possible to customize the message on the navigation button (that show up on password reset page after password is changes successfully) without messing with the application name? For example, how can I change the message to “Back to Login” without having to set the Auth0 application name to “Login”?

Thank you

Hi @sergey2 ,

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I understand that you want to update the text on the button to Back to Login. Your use case can be implemented by calling the Management API endpoint with below endpoint:

PUT https://{your domain}/api/v2/prompts/reset-password/custom-text/en
        "buttonText":"Back to Login"

And in the Application setting → Application Login URI, add the link to the App login page.

Ref: Customize New Universal Login Text Prompts

Hope this helps!