Password reset page works and redirects but user cannot log in with new password

Hi there, I’m able to successfully reset password and it redirects me to my specified url, however when I try to log back in again, it’s as if the reset never happened and I can only log in with the old password.

I feel like this was working at some point, but I could be wrong.


Hey there @miketeix!

Can you provide me with more context as of now I’m not able to help much. Can you tell me what docs / quickstarts you followed, what parts of our stack you used etc. so I can potentially track at which step there is a problem?

Thank you!

hey thanks @konrad,
This is actually all happening on the Auth0 side - I’m not sure where to put breakpoints.

I’m using node.js on the backend to programatically get the resetPassword ticket from the management API, and there’s no problem there.

The link itself works fine, it says the reset is successful after I complete the form. But when I try and log in after that with the newly reset password if says the combination is wrong.

Any tips on how to debug this? Should I open a ticket?

Hey @miketeix!

Thanks for providing that context. If you have a paid account sure go for opening a ticket otherwise let me discuss and investigate it internally and get back to you once we establish what might be the reason behind it.

Much appreciated, thanks!

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Hey @konrad.sopala, it seems that it works sometimes, and sometimes not.


Gotchya! Sorry for such a long delay in response but I was out of office. Let me know if it still behaves randomly, otherwise we’ll debug it with our developer support team.


Hey there!

Have you had a chance to see my last message?

Hey Konrad, thanks for getting back to me. I’ve been away and will be returning on Monday. I’ll throughly test it then and get back to you.
Thanks again,

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Perfect! Let me know how it behaves!


Have you got any info back?

Hey Konrad, thanks for the shout/reminder. I went through the flow several times, and it seems to be working consistently.
Thanks again,

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Perfect! It must have been some temporary outage.

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