Can't login after reset password

I’m trying to reset a password and then login on our website. I’ve tried this through the portal and through the management API.

The portal, as well as the management API tell me the password has been reset successful (in the API, I mention NOT to verify the password by email).

When I try to login through the Auth0 Lock, which uses my callback URL with the given email address and password, I can’t login.

If I use the impersonation (log in as), with that same callback URL, the login succeeds.

What am I missing?

Please provide the API call you are making to the Management API, as well as what type of connection you are using (e.g. Auth0 Database connection, database connection with custom database, etc).

I’m using the Management API, namely the path method: Auth0 Management API v2

 Url: PATCH /api/v2/users/{id}

I pass in the following body:

  "password": "new_password",
  "verify_password": false

Can you clarify what type of connection you are using? Are you using a custom database connection?

It’s a normal database connection (aka an Auth0 one)

Following up in private support ticket.

Hi, Where is this private support ticket? Do I have to create one? If so, where?

I have already created one for you on Friday. You should have received an email ( with the details.