Password reset not compatible with Safari Strong Password feature


When I try to reset my password, the dialog that offers me to set a new password prompts Safari (mobile and desktop) to suggest strong password. After accepting the suggested password I see the green checkmark and something along the line of “You have successfully changed your password” and then I get redirected to the site where I am supposed to login with auth0. It seems Safari remembers neither the username nor the password it so helpfully suggested.

Using the universal login with practically stock reset page (change in the title only)

Any suggestions on how to get Safari to work properly in this scenario - save or update the credentials?

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Can’t reproduce the problem. Tried resetting the password and it gets stored fine in Safari afterwards (after I press Update password in the dialog shown below).

I get the recommended credentials afterwards just fine:

Maybe you can provide screenshots or screencast of the flow/problem.

Hi @mathiasconradt,

Thanks for trying this. On the “Password Changed!” screen I do not get the Safari popup offering to store/update the password.
I am triggering this process through the “Don’t remember your password?” link on the universal login dialog which triggers the standard change/reset password e-mail flow. The “Change password” email has a Redirect to url set.
Could it be that if the Redirect to url is present, the redirect after “Password changed!” screen happens too quickly and Safari does not offer the store/update thing?



I am triggering this process through the “Don’t remember your password?”

I did the same, also via link in the email, and also tested with a redirectUrl just now. Works fine.

(I usually don’t use Safari, don’t know the details of that mechanism. Maybe you could ask this as well on, if it’s Safari specific.)

Hi @mathiasconradt,

Thank you for your prompt support! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:
Here is a video of what is happening for me, please see if you can spot anything that can help you pinpoint the issue.
The thing is this is happening for 3 other people besides me so I think it rules out that is something specific to my devices but I am guessing it is specific to our setup somehow.



Hi @petar,

no idea what could be the reason.

I don’t use this password suggestion feature in Safari though, so that’s different to my environment. Maybe you can temporarily disable it and see if it makes a difference.

Maybe you could also check whether it makes a difference if you use the Classic or the New Universal Login Page.