Password reset link in Auth0 dashboard

Feature: Ability to generate and see password reset links of the users

Description: Today when users go through the password reset functionality in the login flow, there are few users not receiving the password reset emails. These could be a problem with their email provider or provider that we use to send emails. They are being vanished somewhere in the multiple hops before they reach to the user.

Auth0 have API to get password reset link on any account. But this involves that we building a user interface for our agents to invoke this API and get a link that can be shared with our users through Zendesk or other means of established comms with our users.

So if you can provide the ability to request password reset on the user and especially see this link, our agents can use this, grab the link and share this with the users Zendesk or other preferred channel.

Here is the support ticket that is related to this feature request -

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Thanks for the feedback @suresh.pragada, let’s hope it gets some traction with other users! :smile:

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