Password-Reset Broken & Missing Basic Features

I am using the Management API to attempt to do the following:

  • Generate a password-reset ticket
  • Include branding for organization
  • Redirect to our login url after reset

I have tried to do this in the Auth0 API v2 Playground and the Javascript SDK, with these results:

  • If I include result_url and organization_id in the body, it will fail, claiming that result_url is invalid
  • If I omit result_url and include organization_id, the response is successful (HTTP 201) but when navigating to the URL in the response, I am presented with the “Oops!, something went wrong” error page still within Auth0

Is there seriously still no support for organization branding and a result_url? This seems to have been lacking for quite a while. The documentation for the API mentions that organization_id “Conflicts with: result_url”, but what does that mean? There is not a clear definition of what combination of parameters are accepted. And how are we able to accomplish a successful redirect to our domain/site/page while retaining the organization specific branding?

Please advise.

Thank you

Hi @mattr,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

result_url is for use with the legacy Classic Universal Login. Classic UL does not support organizations.

You must pass a client_id, and the Configure Default Login Routes will be used for the redirect.

Here is a sample payload: