Password Changed Redirect To login URL not working

I’m using the new Login experience with Lock 11. When a user selects forgot password on the login widget, the flow sends and email with a link to change their password. Once that has executed successfully, the user is shown a widget that their password was successfully changed. This is all good. What is not working is redirecting the user to the login widget after this is complete. Is this feature available with the new login experience?

I’ve looked all through the docs, read everything post in the community with this topic, and I’ve tried entering every possible redirect url into the Redirect URL form. Nothing triggers a redirect. How can I achieve this behavior with the new login experience?

Hi @phyllis,

Check out this part of our docs that describes the password reset behavior of new universal login.

It mentions this:

The New Experience will redirect the users to the default login route when it succeeds, and will handle the error cases as part of the Universal Login flow. The Redirect URL in the email template will be ignored.

Hope this helps!


@dan.woda Thanks for answering my question. Can you please clarify “when it succeeds”. Currently, when I successfully change my password, a widget appears letting me know the password reset was successful. And then no redirect to login happens. I am not clear on what is not succeeding, and why I am not able to login after changing my password.


Simply put, the redirectTo field from the email template is completely ignored in the new universal login (UL).

This means that you will not be redirected to the URL that you have configured in the email template form. It is as if that redirectTo box does not exist if you are using the new UL.

Succeding is referring to the password reset succeeding, not the redirect. The redirect has no effect as stated in the docs and above.

If you want to redirect after pw reset with new UL, you will have to configure your default login route. Here is the link to that doc:

Does that make sense?

That is much clearer, thank you. I’ll give that a go.

@dan.woda that worked. Thank you for taking the time to make sure I understood the new (UL). :rocket:


No problem! We are working on making this distinction clearer in the future. I appreciate the feedback and patience on this.


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We recently added this FAQ that covers the different scenarios: