Organization Redirect URI

I have been trying auth0-python to authorize the organization. Not quite sure, what I should use as the redirect_uri. I used the callback uri specified in the application but says invalid callback uri.

Hi @jenishshrestha,

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Can you please share the request and error response you are seeing?

It returns a html error response :

Callback URL mismatch. is not in the list of allowed callback URLs

But the URL is specified in the the allowed callback URLS.

Can you please DM me the name of the tenant, application, and the callback URL you are trying? Thank you.

Sorry, It was a silly mistake from me. I was using the callback url specified in Single Page Application. I used the urls from Machine-Machine Application, it is working now. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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I’m glad you got it resolved!

From our DM:

I have one more query for you. Is it possible to directly login the user to an organization using auth0-python sdk? I tried it, but it sends me a html response instead. What I would like to do is directly login the user to the organization and receive an access_token.

What do you mean by directly login?

Using the credentials and the organization_id of the user, fetch the access_token for the user though auth0-python sdk.

Hi @jenishshrestha,

Exchanging a username/password directly for a token requires use of the Password Grant. Unfortunately, the organizations feature doesn’t support the password grant at this time.

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