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We are currently in the process of migrating to Auth0. We provide our clients (businesses) with a client-specific back office for their employees, as well as a customer-facing login for their customers. We do this for each client so there needs to be at least two Auth0 client apps per one of our clients.

We’ve tried a variety of different configurations but keep hitting roadblocks (or appear to). Would someone please be able to advise on the best configuration to support what we need?

So far we have the following:

Customer ABC Back Office (Auth0 client app)
Customer ABC Customer Account (Auth0 client app)
Customer XYZ Back Office (Auth0 client app)
Customer XYZ Customer Account (Auth0 client app)

Customer ABC
Customer XYZ

Customer ABC (used by both ABC Auth0 apps)
Customer XYZ (used by both XYZ Auth0 apps)

Everything appears to work as we require. The login screens are branded correctly using the organization colours/logo, but organizations appear to have a limit of 100,000 users for non-enterprise subscriptions which won’t suffice for the customer accounts as our clients could have over 100,000 customers. So I decided to change the customer account app to not use organizations but then it defaults to a generic login page, which seems to pick up the information from the tenant. I did some research and found you can revert to the old login page and then edit the template to change the branding which seems to work but then the back office login stops working because it says organizations can’t be used with the old-style login.

Please can someone explain how we can brand both login pages but also support over 100,000 users for the customer login?

Are organizations even meant to be used in this way or is the limit of 100,000 there because they are meant to be employees not individual customers?


Hi @paul.wilson,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

Unfortunately, Organizations is an Enterprise-only feature that can only work with the New Universal Login. Have you gotten a chance to check out our Organizations Limitations documentation?

Additionally, the 100,000 Members per organization is a soft limit enforced for Enterprise subscriptions.

Customers on Enterprise plans can request to increase their entity limits for Organizations per tenant and Organizations members per Organization. (Reference: Entity Limit)

For the moment, your strategy for branding those applications work fine. With that said, if you anticipate having over 100,000 users and/or Organizations Members and would like to use Organizations, my best recommendation is to reach out to our Sales team about upgrading to an Enterprise plan.

Please also check out our Pricing - Auth0 page regarding the limits around external active users.

I hope this helps!

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.



Thanks for your reply. On the Auth0 pricing page, if you choose B2B, organisations are included on both Essential and Professional. Please can you confirm if this is indeed correct?

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Hi @paul.wilson,

Thank you for your response.

Yes, I can confirm that this information is correct. The Essential Plan offers 50 Organizations and the Professional Plan offers 100 Organizations. Note that the number of external active users for both plans remains at a maximum of 7000 users.

May I help you with anything else?



Thanks for that.

I think I’m just still a bit confused how to correctly brand both a non-org and org login. As soon as I want to use a non-org client app to get around the 100,000 limit it wants me to revert to the classic login which then breaks the back office login using orgs because it says orgs are not supported with classic login.

I had a look again today and it seems like it may be possible to brand the new login but only when custom domains are enabled and by using the management API to supply liquid templates. Is that correct?

My ultimate goal essentially is to be able to brand both back office and customer-facing logins/email templates with the logo/custom colours set in the client app but without the 100,000 limit applying to the customer-facing login as there could be more than 100,000 customers, but there will be under that for the back office so I can use organisations for that.

Thanks in advance

Hi @paul.wilson,

Thank you for your response.

Yes, that is correct, it is possible to use the New Universal Login with liquid syntax for handling custom pages with custom branding for those customers, which allows you to continue using Organizations. Using a custom domain is not necessary for this to work, but would be a great consideration overall to keep the login URL consistent with your app’s URL.

Let me emphasize that if you expect to have or exceed 100,000 customers (users), then you will need an Enterprise subscription plan since the 100,000 Organization member limit is still capped by your allotted Monthly Active User (MAU) amount.

In an Essentials B2B plan, for example, this would limit the MAU to 7000, which Orgazanition members count towards.

I hope the explanation is clear, but if you need further clarification, please feel free to reach out.


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