Solution for multi organization users

Product has multiple applications under it. Clients of this products are organization. But unlike typical system setup, users in this product can belong to multiple organization. User can move from one organization to other.

So What will be the best way to implement this in Auth0. We dont want to use Organization concept of Auth0.

Will it be overkill , if for every organization, different Application is created in Auth0. SO let’s say there are 50 client applications in product and there are say 10000 client organization. So what if we create 50000 Applications in Auth0. So this way when user logs in into system , using client-id ( Auth0 client-id of application currently logged into) , we can find current organization of user. In traditional flow this will not be required since usually user belong to only one organization and by user id you can find organization id.

Current implementation create multiple sub-user for same user under each organization which I think can be somehow improved

I can not use multi-tenancy since there is limit on number of tenant that be created.


Hi @gajanan.kulkarni.19,

Why don’t you want to use the Organizations feature? It seems to solve for this.

You might also run into entity limits if you are trying to scale this implementation.

I think organization feature does not allow same user to exist under multiple organizations. does it allow ? also User should have ability to login only once across multiple organization. So something like this , User logs into product and then he can seemlessly work under multiple organization without having to login again.
Basically User does not belong to Organization and only loosely linked to organization.

Yes, it is stated explicitly in the organization docs.

I’m not sure what you mean by this.

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