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Hi Auth0!

Love the new Organization Selector as it’s reduced my team’s need to do custom development and can instead focus on features of our actual product!

I’ve noticed that when my user, using google-auth, is part of several organizations that the org selector does not display them all.

I can successfully login to orgs not rendered in that list by using our custom URL/<org_name> shortcut I’ve developed.

This is not the ideal dev experience for our B2B platform as we need to test certain features for certain orgs.

Is this a known problem?
If so, is a fix incoming, ETA?
Is there something I can do on my side to remedy this problem?

Let me know what other details you need from me to assist.



Hi @matthew.swezey

Thanks for getting in touch with the Auth0 Community.

Great to hear you’re enjoying the new organization feature. How many organizations is the affected user a member of? as per our documentation here I believe 20 orgs may be the limit.

Warm regards.

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Ah, I missed that sentence. I typically find limits/specs/requirements in table format or other easier to “parse” (definitely subjective) logical structures.

Thank you for linking to the page and re-iterating that limit. I feel better knowing what limit my team will have to work with going forward.

Right now I’m the impacted user as I’m the tech lead for the team and we’re migrating a lot of B2B users from our old dashboard (custom rolled authN/AuthZ) to our new dashboard (auth0). I like to personally vet as much of these orgs as possible, hence why I’m a member of several. (More than 20)

I’ll have to remove myself off other orgs so I can utilize the picker, or stick to using our own org URL login shortcut that we have. Additional toil that I rather not have, but it’s not the end of the world.

Auth0’s Admin dashboard lacks certain features making org management at the user level more scalable, but the Management API does open the door for our own custom tooling in which I have in progress to be wrapped with Retool.

Will this limit ever be updated or can be managed by auth0’s customers instead?

Hi @matthew.swezey

Thanks for detailing your use case here, I’m not aware if this is configurable to allow a higher amount, I could not locate anything relevant in this regard. I would add some feedback here here about this for our product teams to review and perhaps link in this post.

Warm regards.

I recommend reaching out to Auth0 support or checking their official documentation and release notes for any information on fixes or updates related to the organization selector issue. They should be able to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

For what is worth, I have exactly the same use case thus the same problem as @matthew.swezey

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