Organization Search Feature is quite limited

Hello folks,

Our team really appreciates the recent inclusion of a search bar on the Organizations panel in the Auth0 Dashboard. However, this search bar is still causing a couple issues. By trial and error, we’ve discovered that…

  1. You can’t use more than one keyword in the search query (both when separated by a hyphen or space)
  2. You aren’t able to use two letter searches (which would be useful to looking for organizations who have 2 letter acronyms in their name — which is not uncommon)
  3. The documentation for the search feature (Search for Organizations) does not note the first limitation I mentioned.
  4. We don’t have the ability to use Lucine Syntax (like we do in the user panel’s search bar) which would be extremely helpful to bypass these limitations.

I figured I’d bring it up because it’s a common frustration at our company and we’ll likely return to managing our own organization directory with links to the dashboard until the search bar & options improve.

Thank you

Hi @syalda ,

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I have converted this topic as feedback. Our Product team reviews feedback periodically. Please click on the Vote button, and hope this feature can attract more votes!


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