Feedback: Ability to search organisations by name

Feature: Ability to search organisations by name

Description: on the Organisations page in the Auth0 admin interface, the ability to search by keyword to filter the Organisations list. Alternatively, a way to increase pagination from 10 to at least 25 (pages of 50/100 records preferred), so that they can use CMD-F to find an organisation in a larger list.

Use-case: We have more than 400 Organisations to deal with, and that number is growing. When a new partner comes on board, our Onboarding team needs to go into Auth0 and find the Organisation. Right now, they have to sift through paginated lists 10 at a time to find the right Organisation, slowing them down and causing a delay for the Partner to access the platform. Our onboarding managers are busy enough without having to play ‘guess which page number the Brand will be on’.

Hi @daniel.boon we plan to implement search by organization name later this year. As a workaround for you in the meantime, you could maintain a separate list of organization names to organization IDs, in a spreadsheet most likely (example below), search for orgs in that spreadsheet and then navigate directly to the link in the Manage Dashboard.{REGION}/{TENANT_NAME}/organizations/{ORGANIZATION_ID}/overview

Not ideal but should hold you over until we release the search functionality.


Hi @daniel.boon we shipped Organization Search in the Manage Dashboard last month.



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