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Hi Team,
I am trying to connect my database with the Auth0 login page as per the steps provided, but there is a time out error when I am trying to test it. There is no firewall authentication. Still facing issue.

Please Help!

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Can you try adding console.logs to your Login script, we might be able to get a better idea of where the error is occurring. The console.logs will be printed when you click the Try button. Do you have any Rules setup? One may be causing the timeout.

If you are still having issues, please share your login script (please make sure to remove any sensitive data).

I tried adding the same, what I am getting is “Script execution did not complete within 20 seconds. Are you calling the callback function?” . Also there is no rule being added.

Please guide, how to resolve the same.


Thank you for adding the log!

If you do not have any Rules for your client, it could be due to one of your Database Action Scripts. Can you check if you are calling an external API in the script? It is possible it is either not responding or taking too long to respond. Or you could be missing a return statement in one the script.

Thanks for the reply!

I am using the template provided for oracle. Added the required credentials i.e. username, password and host (for my database) and then trying. But still it is giving the same message.

I apologize you’re still having this issue!

Can you double check the connection to the database is correct? And at which point in your script is the console.log stating a time-out happens? It is right when the connection is happening?

Also, would it be possible for you to share the script here? (removing the username, pw, host url, etc)

Here is the code for you reference:

user: ‘user_name’,
password: ‘password’,
connectString: “ip:1521/sid”

Is the error being logged in that getConnection function? It would help to take a closer look if you could share the whole script you are using, feel free to DM me the script if you prefer! Also, you could try using the Real-time Webtask Logs extension to watch the logs may help where the error is coming from.

I just want to know that this custom database feature is available only with the enterprise plan?
Can’t I use it with the free trial.


@akash I apologize for the delay in response. At this time custom databases are only available at the enterprise level.

If interested, alternatives can be found from this thread:

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