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Custom Database Connection Failed



Hi, I am using my own custom database to set up SSO integrations with a third party service provider. I have checked my cpanel settings and details. The user I am using the set up this database connection has all the privileges.
I am also sure my credentials are correct as I have used the myconfig file to retrieve these details.
I would like to point out that I am using the MySQL template in order to establish the login connection.

I am still not able to connect. The error I receive is ‘are you sure you are calling the callback function’ after 20 seconds. I have requested my web hosting to enable the range of IP’s listed. I have included one of these under the remote database connection on my cpanel.

I think I have done everything that needs to be done - yet I am unable to establish the connection.
I am currently using the free trial version (is this the reason why I am unable to connect?). Any help will be much appreciated.


:wave: @shravan, usually this error indicates that the code is not completing within the specified timeframe. This could be due to a number of things, namely an Auth0 rule, a DB action scripts (a call to an api within the script not returned in time, a missing callback statement, etc), a hook or a webtask. So, we have a few areas we can look into. We can start by checking our Auth0 rules and we can put console.log statements in the rule(s) and check the logic. Are any of the Rules or DB Action scripts querying the Auth0 Management API? Or any external APIs, it is possible it is either not responding or taking too long to respond. Let me know if any of the above uncovers the possible problem we are experiencing.


Hi KIm,

Thanks for the help there. I am unsure of what the hook or a webtask is - can you please assist me with this.
I’m happy to send across the script in place.

Also, how do I check the Auth0 rules? I’m assuming I can’t run off a test script using your API?


Hi @shravan you can find all your Rules if you navigate to your Dashboard > Rules. Please feel free to share your script here or in a DM if you prefer!